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Unit Convention and Delegate Election
October 2, 2022
12:00pm Lunch/
1:00pm Program Start
Nashville Baha’i Center

Dear Friends,

All Baha’is are encouraged to attend the Unit Convention. 

“He wishes to stress the importance of reminding the believers that they should make every possible effort to attend the meeting for the election of the State or Province delegates, in order to stimulate a larger group consciousness which will greatly facilitate the process of the believers becoming acquainted with each other, and provide an intermediary state — which will become increasingly valuable and necessary — between the local organization, represented by the group or Assembly, and the national collective action, represented by the activities of the Convention and the institution of the National Assembly.” -Written on behalf of Shoghi Effendi

Every Bahá’í in good standing who is at least 18 years old and living in our electoral unit of Nashville/Metropolitan Davidson County and La Vergne, TN is eligible to vote. Voting can take place between Friday, Sept 10 until Sunday, October 2 at 12:00pm. Voting will also take place in-person during the program on October 2.

All eligible voters (18 years or older) with a Baha’i Online Service Account (BOSA) can cast an online ballot (for members aged 21+).  To login and complete your vote using this method:

Online Voting Instructions
1. Go to
2. Click Login
3. Login with your User ID and password.
4. Click on the link in the top right corner that says “ACCESS OBS”

If you do not have a Baha’i Online Services Account and you want to vote online, you can create an account using the directions below.

Creating a Baha’i Online Services Account (BOSA) Directions
1. Go to
2. Click Login
3. Click “Create a Baha’i Online Services Account” (If you don’t know your Baha’i ID #, call or text Juliet Traub (615-423-5781).

OPTION 2:  MAIL-IN OR DROP OFF PAPER BALLOT (To be received by Sunday, Oct 2 at 12pm)
Everyone should have received a letter from the National Spiritual Assembly in early September that contained two envelopes for your convenience if you are voting by paper ballot. You can either: Mail your ballot (a piece of paper with the one name you are voting for) to the Baha’i Center OR drop it off at the Baha’i Center’s private locked postbox at the Baha’i Center gate. All ballots should be received by Sunday, October 2 at 12pm.  Please follow the ballot preparation instructions below:

Paper Ballot Instructions:
1. Write one name on a ballot of the person you feel is best qualified to serve as delegate. You must choose from adult believers (age 21+) who reside in your electoral unit.

2. Place the ballot in a small inner envelope, marked “Delegate Election Ballot” and seal it. There should be no markings on the outside of this envelope.

3. Place the small envelope inside the slightly larger outer envelope and write your name and Baha’i ID in the upper left corner. Then add the address to the outer envelope: Nashville Baha’i Center, 1556 Bell Road, Nashville, TN 37211.

We recommend that if you mail your ballot to do so by Friday, September 23 but all votes received by Sunday, October 2 at 12pm will be counted.

Loving regards,
Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Nashville

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