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“…the elector … is called upon to vote for none but those whom prayer and reflection have inspired him to uphold.” ” -Shoghi Effendi

Two members of your Nashville Spiritual Assembly have resigned, Aaron Crossley and Eric Dozier. Aaron has moved to the Los Angeles, California area and Eric and his family are travel teaching across the United States in service to the Five Year Plan.

The current Assembly members are Karen Streets-Anderson, Faran Ferdowsi, Sue St. Clair, Tali Ferdowsi, Juliet Traub, Laura Ware and Sharokh FaniDO NOT vote for any of these names as it will make the ballot invalid.

WHO CAN VOTE: Every Bahá’í in good standing who is at least 21 years old and living in Metropolitan Davidson County is eligible to vote. Since our community is becoming so large, we also ask that you bring your Bahá’í ID.

ABSENTEE VOTING: Those who, for unavoidable reasons, cannot be present at the election in person, may mail in their vote using two envelopes.

  • Write only two names on the ballot you have received. You will want to vote for the two persons who best combine the necessary qualities of “unquestioned loyalty, of selfless devotion, of a well-trained mind, of recognized ability and mature experience.”
  • Place the ballot in the inner envelope you have received, with no marking that can identify the voter.
  • Seal the ballot envelope and place in the large outer envelope.
  • Write your name and address in the upper left corner of the outer envelope as the sender of the letter and mark “ballot” below your name.
  • Address the outer envelope to: Nashville Baha’i Center, 1556 Bell Road, Nashville, TN 37211
  • Mail absentee ballots by Wednesday, February 26th.


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Local Spiritual Assembly
Members:  Sharouk Fani, Faran Ferdowsi (Treasurer), Talieh Ferdowsi, Karen Streets-Anderson (Chair),  Sue St. Clair (Secretary), Juliet Traub (Recording Secretary), Laura Ware,

Appalachian Regional Bahá’í Council 
Members: Elizabeth Price (Secretary), Aram Ferdowsi, Alison McGee, Craig Turner, Bita Rahmanian,  Craig Turner, Jackie Jenkins, Niaz Khadem

Area Teaching Committee
Members: Sue Senchuck, Laura Ware, Behnaz Momeny, Mahsa Etimadifar, Robin Ballew

  • Facilitates and oversees gatherings for reflection on, and review of, efforts to transform the spiritual life of Nashville’s neighborhoods.
  • Coordinates all devotional gatherings in Nashville

Junior Youth Coordinator  (Amelia Dailey)

  • Coordinates all junior youth groups in Nashville.

Study Circle Coordinator Shereen Cook

  • Coordinates all study circles in Nashville

 Webmaster Juliet Traub

  • Updates website and website calendar of events

Nashville Statistic Officer (Linda Hendrickson)

  • Keeps track of statistics relating to activities and individual progress through the Ruhi institute courses.

Area Feast Coordinators

  • Coordinate Nashville area feasts and other activities in neighborhoods  divided into the following areas:
    Area 1: 37211, 37222    
    Area 2: 37011, 37013   
    Area 3: 37072, 37115, 37116, 37076, 37201, 37206, 37210, 37214, 37216, 37217
    Area 4 : 37015, 37072, 37143, 37189, 37207, 37208, 37209, 37218, 37219, 37221, 37228
    Area 5 : 37027, 37203, 37204, 37204, 37205, 37212, 37215, 37220, 37235 
    Area 1 & 2 (English) Coordinators: Gina Mendello, Woubit Atnafe, Parisa Heidari
    Area 1 (Persian) Coordinators: Fariba Bakhtiyari, Mahsa Etemadifar, Siamak Olfati
    Area 2 (Persian) Coordinators:  Roya Hamdi, Shahrooz Eshraghi, Behzad Akbari
    Area 3 Coordinators: Charlene Cage, Sue Senchuk, Susan Crossley
    Area 4: NA,
    Area 5: Ahdieh Shabazian, Shanaz Soroush